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The history of electronic music

If you think about the first musical instruments made, then music instruments have changed profoundly with electricity. From a technological point of view, we can distinguish two streams of inventions that have revolutionized music – although both are closely related at the same time. On the one hand, electricity made it possible to develop electric and electronic instruments, and on the other, to accurately record sound and to reproduce sound from them.

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What is Rominimal (romanian techno)

This culture was born from small after-parties and club schedules are often divided into three sections: “warm up,” “main” and “after-hours.”

Rhadoo, Inspirescu, Raresh collectively known as RPR Soundsystem. Also The Mission parties helped too and have long been acknowledged as a breeding ground for fine artists and producers, through names like DJ Vasile and Rosario Internullo.

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